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I have a 1984 fleer update set that I came across and decided I would see what I could get in trade for it. I have posted the better singles in my PC, would trade it as a set though if somebody was interested. Would let it go for rookies of good value, trout, Harper, puig, kershaw, also looking for HoF rookies like mike Schmidt and Reggie Jackson. I'm mostly open to ideas, I could trade as a set or individual rookies, depending on how the trade winds blow.

The best part of this set is the key cards are all in fantastic shape. The Clemens is mint the Puckett Nm - mt and the Gooden is mint. Def candidates for grading!!

Would love to see what folks have to offer or if anyone is interested! Thanks!
Check me for the set. Thank you.
That's a great set too have.
Working on sorting through all the different offers! Quite a task. Looking for a package of rookies more so than anything. Wouldn't mind a Jeter or Trout in the deal. Feel free to send open offers or take a stab at a filled in one lol.
Hey guys haven't had a chance to get back to everyone. In the midst of another two job day, 18 hours - blah. I'll b home tonight and look over what you guys have that proposed and offered to me! Sorry for the delay!
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