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Full Version: Just Added to Org
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Mostly 2013 Bowman inserts and parallels from sets I'm no longer attempting to build. These include:

Blue Paper (Prospects & Vets) /500
Orange Paper (Prospects & Vets) /250
BC Blue Refractors (Prospects & Vets) /250
BC Prospects Black Refractors /99
BC Prospects Refractors /500
BC COTC Mini Blue Refractors /250
BC Hometown (Vets)
BC Silver Ice (Prospects & Vets)

Check out my Org and send me an offer if you're interested in anything.

2 Trades knocked out - who's next?
Open offer sent with notes. Thanks bud.
(07-23-2014 10:58 AM)petercopp Wrote: [ -> ]Open offer sent with notes. Thanks bud.

Offer responded to - keep them coming!
Open TO sent.
4 more deals completed. Let's keep this ball rollin'!
Let's make some more deals!
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