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1993 SP Jeter FOIL

[Image: 0FBE000B-0F95-41B7-BF2A-3DE29B316B77_zpstombvxrz.jpg]
Been needing one. Please feel free to check me. Thanks.
Offer sent. Thanks.
I've been going through a few offers. Thanks to those who are interested, I will decide which trade to go with soon if there are no other takers. Is there anybody else out there interested in the '93 SP Jeter?
check me too, thnaks
Me possibly
Will do. Checking now.
I will check shortly. For some reason every time I click "add items" it goes back to the trade window and won't let me view the organizer. I will try again right after dinner.
Check my org and my bucket pc
Feel free to check out my org!
I'm finally caught up on checking orgs. I've built trades with those who have cards I'm interested in moving the Jeter for...
nice card, please check my organize thanks
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