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Up for trade is a Shelby Miller 2014 Gypsy Queen Around The Horn Book Autograph numbered 20/25. I will be looking for a 1 for 1 trade on this one.

[Image: 75AB820D-D3A3-4C0A-8EA8-8022FC1A28B6_zpss9maqnwl.png]
sweet card my friend
I am interested and could trade heavily in your favor thanks
@paynetrain34: Thanks!
@once78: I didn't see anything that matched up. Thanks though
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That's really cool looking!
@demondukk: Thanks!
What's the trade value on this and who are you looking for.
This is one is actually priced. I am looking for anything high end...a one for one type trade. Anything that catches my eye really.
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