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Full Version: Musial PC for Sale...
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I hate to do it but bills are killing me and I have no other choice. If I could walk the corner or sell my sperm...I would do it before selling these. But all are in my org and here are pics of what I have.

[Image: 124D10B0-415F-4115-AD5E-6AE3D43F1F10.jpg]

[Image: 8AF95273-B628-4D1D-BC93-1B9520BD5DF8.jpg]

[Image: DD60D05C-C7A5-4DCD-94CF-38B7C2528CE4.jpg]

[Image: 6BB6696F-0850-4B08-B656-3832CAB32EEA.jpg]

[Image: 437EBB0F-487E-4629-87E0-9EDB349FB7D8.jpg]

[Image: 66796F88-9E86-4031-B434-47DCEEC79A8C.jpg]
man i am sorry to hear that. and i know that u have 2 of my favs that i traded ya. pm me on the USA relic auto and the 58 all star. thanks
I sent over an offer
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