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I just got a bunch of these if anyone need s base.

Few inserts but lots of base.

Oh and lots of GQ minis. I don't want them at all lol
If you have any #'d mini's or SP's (not photo variations) I would be interested
No numbered ones. And which are the sp?
SP's are #42 and #301-350 (not 325)
The photo variations are not SP's, you can see the difference here:
I could use any and all Griffey Sr or Griffey Jr if there any in these sets.
Ohh me Ohh Ohh Me mememme.

This is what I need from 2014 GQ:
Regular sized SP's - 301A,302A, 307,310a,342, 345, 346A

Mini Base common cards - 16,29,32,48,59,99,121,127,179,183,195,207a,218,271a,275a,284

Mini SP's - 303a, 304a, 306a,308a,309a,313a,315,317,320a,321a,323a,324,327,328a,330a,332,337,340a,343a,3​44a,346a,347,348a,350a

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