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Was just going through my collection and came across the Mo Rivera Patch from 2007 Sweet Spot. I've had it for a few years now but when I came across it today I was thinking that I never found out what the patch is from. It's obviously from some special game or event but nothing I looked up looked like it. No AS Games, no special Opening Day, nothing. Figured maybe my fellow collectors might know!

Here is the card:

[Image: 20140705_085714_zpsde18399c.jpg]
World Baseball Classic maybe?
whats with the wear around patch
RyanKramer961- I thought that but can't find pics that have patches that look like it.

dustin12368- Always been like that. I hope you're not insinuating that I doctored the patch? I'm not trading or selling it so no reason to do that.
It's probably from 2006 WBC? Cool card, tho!
Looks almost like its from a sunburst or star patch, certainly strange
I don't think its WBC
Could be this...

[Image: 2000_MLB_AS-01_zps582acbfe.jpg]
that's gotta be it! the star on the right side matches almost perfect
That's it! I never went back that far to look for patches. Now I finally know! Thanks 20youksox!
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