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I tried to throw together a trade thread for everyone. There is a little of everything in this thread. Rookies, auto, game used cards, inserts, stars, and prospects. If you are interested in anything please let me know.

Current players I collect are

Bryce Harper, PUIG, Joc Pederson, wil Myers, kris Bryant, grant green, cj cron, and anything else that catches my eye.

Thanks Richard

Scan is below

[Image: imagejpg2_zps1042f3bd.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg5_zpsd076fc48.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg3_zps700259dc.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg4_zps71f59c0d.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg6_zpsae4d11dd.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg1_zpsf03c2c8b.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg8_zps0fff66b8.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg7_zpsb4fed93f.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg9_zps7708f292.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg10_zps27085b48.jpg]
Calling dibs on the Sandoval! In fact, I've got it already sitting in a trade I have yet to send your way Richard Smile
Ryan ill be waiting bro... Consider the Sandoval yours
Sent you a message on the offer, added a bunch of stuff, got more coming Saturday let me know
Small offer with notes.
Check me for some of the Jeters you have. Thank you.
Hamilton die-cut, castellanos /99 auto, and Stanton RC wrapper redemption gone. Still looking for more trades. Shipping Saturday morning....

Happy 4th of July everyone
Offer sent
Just took some of those cards in a trade Thanks for the trade Rich.
Trade sent
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