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Full Version: Trading----scans
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I am going to be throwing some of this stuff on Ebay soon but would rather trade it here so I figure I'll see if there is any interest.

Nothing high end but might be something for someone!

Also check out my org, there is a lot loaded. I have quite a few 14 Bowman if anyone is looking to complete a set.

[Image: IMG_0003.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0002.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0001.jpg]
[Image: IMG.jpg]
Sent open offer. Let me know.
Interested in the cardinals, check and see if I have anything u need. Thx Ethan
Open offer sent
I'm not trading at the moment but pm a price on the tony Gwynn if no one else is interested in it.
I'm interested in the Gwynn
offer sent with comments. thanks
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