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I have about 2000 Gold and Red Foil to trade, about half of those are series 2. Also have a good quantity of Class Rings, Trajectory Relics and other series 2 inserts.

Looking for like trades. I still need about 20 golds and 20 red foils plus I am interested in any manufactured relics I don't have. I am especially interested in the jumbo trajectory relics!!

This week I will enter the walmart blues, target reds, greens and oranges. Note I have a large quantity of series 1 yellow cards to trade as I finished that set.

If you have an open trade with me, please send me a message through trade if you have series 2 items.

I would be very interested in trading with you for Gold and Red Foil Parallels. I don't know if I have anything you might want or need but I also haven't entered anything from 1953-1993. So if their were something in particular I would be happy to look it up. Thanks and I hope you don't mind me browsing your cards for what I might need.
you have a ton I could use and it appears I can hit a bunch of your wants. Opened a trade offer.
Sent you a trade offer a few weeks ago was wondering if you got it. I don't have any 2014 cards, but still would like to try and get a trade done. Plmk.
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