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i am looking to make some trades while i am redoing the basement office area. but anybody else realize how much of a drop the call for archives has been the last couple years. i think it is a ok looking product but very hard to enjoy because of the autos that they put in the product. just my opinion what is everyone else opinion on the subject of archives.
My opinion is I didn't order any of it this year because I still have packs of it sitting on the shelves from last year and 2012. I like to build base sets and this is no different, but my customers don't seem to care for it.
I've read some posts that people are having trouble finding it. My lcs was able to only get 4 boxes this year. They had to turn people away looking for it.
Not a lot of people on here have opened much of it. I am looking to trade for a couple rookie cards and nobody seems to have them for trade.
My LCS only got two boxes and only because one guy asked for it to be ordered. The other box sold but my guy says not one person has come in looking for it
i have about 175 from 2012 so i stayed clear from 13 and the same way this year. are basement also flooded so all the money we had for boxes was wiped out because we had to pull carpet and lay tile.
Personally, I really like it - more than Heritage - but I haven't been able to track any down.
my personal opinion on the subject of heritage i dont like heritage or archives. heritage because of all the variations. topps can do what they want though. since really no other major baseball card maker. panini and donruss are minor and dont really give topps a run for the money like they need to produce high quality product like they used to. i personally like the bowman products now. like inception,sterling,and chrome. i dont buy really high end product because you must buy a case in my opinion to get a great deal, 1 box can be good, next great and then the following awful so i think on the high end its best to buy cases.
(06-25-2014 11:35 PM)jaredhuizenga Wrote: [ -> ]Personally, I really like it - more than Heritage - but I haven't been able to track any down.

check Tom Frantzen Cards in Mounds View.
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