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So I was talking to someone at a card show, and they gave me their username here to check their org. I was wondering if someone had a link to the "Search org by username" option. I can't seem to locate it.
............don't know how to do that either but you can search by card(whatever one you were talking about), then what users have them for trade, and send a trade that way.
You can also search the forum for the user's name, click on the name, go to their profile and start a trade. Assuming they have ever posted in the forum.
Yeah, I tried searching the forum for their name... they've never posted. Also I don't know exactly what cards they have, specifically. He said "I have a ton of Griffey cards on my org, check it out."
You should be able to just load in their Beckett Profile URL - for instance my username is aktlingit and my Beckett Profile URL is:

So just replace "aktlingit" with the other persons username. It's really slow right now though...

I just tested this out and it works but you have to be logged in to see their ORG info and I do not know if you can access it if you do not pay for ORG or an OPG. Note that I have nothing in my ORG open to the public so if you load mine you won't see anything. But I checked elberson and he has some stuff visible.
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