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Thanks Mel
One bump only.
I could use 3 of those. But i would not want you to have to break up all these just for three.
Its possible I have more than one. LMK what you need...Mel
89 fleer rookie, 89 donruss rookie, Caught on the Fly foil, 1990 King B, Pacific Prisms, SP Western Region, Signature Rookies green coloring on card, and spell bound F.

I added a few others in that I already have, but I enjoy duplicate quality cards.

LMK what you'd like for these and we can get a trade going.
PM sent...Mel

I tried to respond to the PM. The system states I'm on your ignore list. I'm going to have to pass on these for the time being. problem, all but 2 have been sold...Mel
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