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Full Version: Few things FT
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Might sell also but heres what I have. Some is in my ORG if its not comment. I am adding the rest in now

[Image: lkjdkljad001.jpg]

[Image: klqenfvfds001.jpg]

Looking for whatever
Ok there we go. Good pics added
I could use that Alex Reyes auto, what r u looking for.
Want Griffey and/or Stanon. What are you looking for?
I'm interested in the Jeter, please give me a look for it. BTW, that Griffey is REALLY nice.
Not interested in trading for it as I have nothing for it, but that Griffey is a beautiful card!
hey man, if ur trading the Griffey, i take a shot again. lmk. thanks
Messages sent if I am interested
I need the Springer and/or Myers. lmk and take a look, thanks.

(06-16-2014 05:00 PM)thehueys Wrote: [ -> ]Messages sent if I am interested
Offer sent to you
Interested in the Stanton and maybe Griffey
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