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Is there any markings to tell the difference in these cards.

2013 Topps Chrome Rookie Die Cuts #RDCGB Giovani Bernard

2013 Topps Chrome Rookie Die Cuts Refractors #RDCGB Giovani Bernard

I was reading the sellers flyer and it said the Die Cuts base set cards have a refractor finish. I missed last years set so I don't know.

I picked one of these cards up yesterday and trying to put it in my organize. If anyone can give me the scoop on them it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
sorry,i dont know the answer.
The refractors are serial numbered. Well I thought they were but according to Beckett they are not. Sorry thought I was helping lol
The best I can give you is that the standard refractors tend to, well...refract light. It becomes pretty noticeable if you take a picture of the card (not a scan). I'm assuming the same will be true of the Die Cuts, but I don't have any die cut refractors to test this on.
I think it says "refractor" in one of the cornesr of the card on the back...I believe I saw that on one. Not positive though.
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