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I am looking to sell these, prices listed add $2 for shipping with DC in bubble mailer no matter how many you buy.

FOOTBALL THREAD:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
FOOTBALL THREAD::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Albert Almora Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor
[Image: AlmoraAlbertBCOrangeRed_zps394434ca.jpg]

Johnny Bench Certified Prime Patch (Jersey Number 5/10#d) BGS 9
[Image: BenchJohnnyCertPrimeJsyNumber_zps1acd9a39.jpg][Image: BenchJohnnyCertPrimeJsyNumberb_zpseafbfa4b.jpg]

Johnny Bench Topps Archives Rookie Reprint Bat
[Image: BenchJohnnyToppsBat_zps3c9e02d4.jpg][Image: BenchJohnnyToppsBatb_zpsbbb59b58.jpg]

Yogi Berra Flair Greats SP (Pinstripe)
[Image: BerraYogiJsy_zps7176b984.jpg]

Ryan Braun Bowman Sterling Auto RC
[Image: BraunRyanSterlingAuto_zps121642e0.jpg]

Yu Darvish Finest Die Cut Auto RC
[Image: DarvishYuFinestAuto25_zpsb1ac105d.jpg][Image: DarvishYuFinestAuto25b_zpsd312b21a.jpg]

Angel Pagan/Ike Davis Superfractor Auto Bat 1/1
[Image: DavisPaganSuperAuto1of1_zps74b16fc8.jpg]

Felix Hernandez Topps Tribute Auto /99
[Image: HernandezFelixTributeAuto_zps8d277df3.jpg]

Billy Hamilton Bowman Chrome Blue Auto RC
[Image: HamiltonBillyBCBlueAutoRCb_zpsbc5884ed.jpg]

Matt Kemp Topps Tribute Auto Jersey
[Image: KempMattTributeJsyAuto_zps72c3bc38.jpg]

Francisco Lindor/Lopes PLatinum Black Refractor Auto /25 RC
[Image: LindorFranciscoBlackAuto_zpse529042d.jpg]

Fred Lynn Tier One Copper Rose Auto
[Image: LynnFredRoseAuto_zpsf1307ca9.jpg]

Manny Machado Bowman Chrome Auto RC
[Image: MachadoMannyBCAutoRC_zpse262e741.jpg]

Manny Machado Five Star Red Auto /20
[Image: MachadoManny5Star20_zps6c4a8c1f.jpg]

Joe McCarthy Donruss Limited Cut Auto
[Image: McCarthyJoeCutAuto_zpsecb462ce.jpg]

Hunter Pence Elite Auto RC
[Image: PenceHunterEliteAuto_zps87984a63.jpg]

Duke Snider Tribute Bat Auto
[Image: SniderDukeTributeAutoBat_zps523b2ea1.jpg]

Duke Snider Tribute 3x Bat Auto
[Image: SniderDukeTributeJsyAuto_zpsb1f88af0.jpg]

Casey Stengel Tribute Jersey (Pinstripe)
[Image: StengelCaseyTTJsy_zpse43bae98.jpg]

Justin Verlander, Jered Weaver, James Shields Ultimate 3x Auto
[Image: VerlanderWeaverShields3xAuto_zps17b3727f.jpg]

Christian Villanueva Bowman Chrome Purple Ref Auto /10 (Has small hairline surface crease on back)
[Image: VillanuevaChristianPurpleAutoBC_zps51f81ba0.jpg]

Byron Buxton Bowman Platinum Gold Refractor Auto RC
[Image: BuxtonByronGoldAuto_zpsf60a6cb8.jpg]

Oscar Taveras BC Auto RC
[Image: TaverasOscarBCAuto_zpsadde3670.jpg]

1928 Philadelphia Athletics Auto Baseball 10x Autos (Jimmie Foxx, Al Simmons, ect) PSA/DNA
[Image: image2_zpsc90b4358.jpeg]
I have more pictures, don't want to use up all my bandwidth.
You only selling on this one or willing to trade? Would really like a shot at trading for the Casey Stengel?

Unfortunately I am sticking to selling. Had a goal in mind, and thought I reached it but I've had 4 people this week back out of over $300 in sales so I have a ways to go before I start trading again. If its not spoken for in a week or two I'll give you a look. Thanks.
To the top.
Can you do any better if I bought both the 2010 Machado and the Silver Signings Machado?

I'm not too desperate for cash so it would depend on the offer I guess. Feel free to make me an offer on the pair if you want.
Ok will do, I'll get it over to you after work today.
Sounds good.

Terrance Williams Topps Chrome Pink Auto and the David Wilson Contenders Auto are gone from the football thread. Anyone else interested in anything today? Let me know.
What is the pence numbered to?
Has to tell from the scan. I believe its /672.
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