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Had to get some stuff for my son's birthday party tomorrow, and stopped by the card aisle...the vendor must have come yesterday as I was there Thursday and it wasn't restocked. Everything was restocked so I snagged last 2 blasters of Chrome, 2 blasters of Contenders (cool cause they usually only have 1 contenders blaster at anytime) and discount ed box of 2013 Press Pass Fanfare. ....haven't opened the chrome or contenders but opened the fanfare.......

[Image: 20140607_142744.jpg]

I'll take it, I usually get garbage out of these guys..... # 10 of 10.
The topps chrome yielded nothing special other than a TON of regular refractors of rookies, Contenders yielded a Brad Sorenson auto and Jawan Jamison auto. Nothing spectacular.
Good pull man!
Wow nice! Just got one too and got crap!
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