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Ok, so I pulled a khiry robinson rookie signatures crown royal card #5/5 out of a retail box where you get 4 packs and 2 hits for like 40 bucks or something at Target a few months back. I had bought pretty much all of what Target had cause the Target near me gets something like that in once in a while and never restock it after its sold out. I had put in a case along with the other pulls I got from it, which included an eric fisher purple auto /10 and forgot about them until I started looking at the forums again and going through all the new stuff from the last couple months. I kept mixing up the robinson with the fisher thinking the robinson is also a purple cause the opg has the fisher purple /10 and the robinon purple /5. Well when I looked at it a few days ago to add it, it's not purple. It's actually blue or light foil which the opg says is a 1 of 1. Mine is def 5/5....and the /5 autos are purple and platinum. I've seen a purple one that sold on fleabay a while ago and it's not that one, so I'm wondering if beckett has it listed incorrectly or am I thinking this is a light blue foil instead of the platinum which is numbered to 5? I'm on the thruway right now so I don't have the card to take a pic or one to upload. I thought I saw a place somewhere on the site where you could submit something like this as a correction.
I meant it's blue foil or light blue foil and have no visuals to compare it to so I can identify the proper parallel
If you can post a pic you'll get some help.
Pretty sure you have the platinum version. According to the Panini checklist on their website the retail-only /5 Rookie signatures is platinum. The only other blue version they list is the hobby-only 1/1, and yours is definitely not that. Nice pull by the way!
Yeah. Platinum is usually represented as a bluish color on many of the parallels out there
Cool thanks. Was gonna post a pic when I get chance to sit down at my desk.
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