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Going to take some time off, from trading, to save some money for my Month long vacation in China. Going to visit some family, take the kids to Disneyland Hong Kong. So money is going to be tight. If you know that there is something you want that I have in my collection than hit me up in the next few days, because it is going on the bay Monday. Thanks and if I have trades with anyone I will complete them. Thanks for all the trades guys!
not a problem. enjoy it out there! I'll send a quick 2 card trade if you want.
Been to Hong Kong 3-4 times. The Kowloon side of Hong Kong is nice. All the shopping is on that side. Take the White Star Ferry across to the Wan Chai side (the ferry in the movies) just to say you rode it. But fair warning the Wan Chai side is the club district so I wouldn't bring the kids there at night. There are some British pubs on Kowloon that serve good food at a decent price (at least back in 2002). Have fun and explore China. The family will love it.
Still enjoying my 6 month vacation in will love it
I lived in Guangzhou for two years so Hong Kong was quiet a hangout for me...I went about once a month. There is a lot to do. When my family came over I took them to the ferry and that was timeless...did you ever ride on the junk ship? I was wanting to do that. I went over in 2004-2006. Thanks for all the heads up.
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