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Full Version: Narrowing collection
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I am in the process of narrowing my collection. I have been involved with a few trades out here over the years but I am sort of anal when it comes to what I am looking for. I am a collector of New England sports and that's about it. I have many items on my trade page and though I have been approached about some Jeter's and other items it is few and far between. I always look for far value on both sides of the trade and have had good experiences for the most part. I am continuing to add the current crop of cards that I have (2013 and 14), mostly just correct quantities and am going to be putting my extra Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and Celtics cards on as well (trying to gain quality and space). I am not a sucker but I do feel bad if there is nothing on the other end of a trade offer that I am interested in and I have to decline. So if you have a chance, please take a look and se what's there.
I am a jeter collector and would trade in your favor for anyone other than jeter (although I prefer not to trade down (eg: three $5 jeter cards for one $25 card of someone else...although I will sometimes make an exception). Please take a look at my org and shoot me an open offer. I am sure I can find cards on your end to make it work for both of us. Thanks.
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