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Responded to an ad I found for a "large box of cards"
Turned out to be the standard it was my uncles and I don't have time, know nothing about them, etc.
Not too impressed with the way they have just been kind of tossed in, but out of the sample grabs I looked at, most some to be in alright condition. Nothing that I would be sending out to be graded or anything like that, but fair enough to put in my personal collection.
[Image: output_zpswjsvco0y.jpg]
The lady really just wanted them gone before she moved, so for 10 bucks I decided what the heck. I figured if I could grab even just one or two decent rookie cards that I've wanted to add it would be worth it. Even if I couldn't manage that, it'd be worth the money just to sort through and look at em.
Supposed to be late 70's to early 2000's, but I'm expecting mostly mid 80's to late 90's, probably Pro-Set and things of the sort.
Who knows, maybe I'll find some Favre and LT cards.
Thanks for looking, and here's to hunting!
you may find a few cards in there worth the ten bucks..have fun..
I love it! That is how I got into collecting back in the '90's. I bought a jumbled up 3000 count box for $15. After sorting out the stars I resold the rest for $40. I did the exact same thing about 3 years later, except it only cost me $10. One of the first cards I pulled out of that box was a $20 Steve McNair insert which I still have to this day. Good stuff!
Managed to sort through a relatively small stack so far. Was hoping to get through more but lost my last two days off from work. So far I did manage to land a Favre RC (Pro set) a few Kobe inserts and in time for the finals a Tim Duncan RC. At this point I feel pretty good about the purchase with over 1 3\4 of the cards not even looked at yet
If you find any Mike Alstott stuff, post 'em up. If they fill in any missing pieces to my PC, I will be interested.
If you find any Ray Lewis cards you don't need, hit me up.
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