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Ok so I had some stuff that I sold on the bay this week, and I now have a few hundred in my paypal account. Never purchased on beckett before but I am looking to get some vintage stuff. so if you have some old stuff to move let me know.
I have tons of vintage. Something you really like? Feel free to also check my bucket. Check the vintage & prewar folders as most of my better cards Ive made scans of also.
I have some 51 Topps for trade. Sent you an offer.
Feel free to check my org. Thanks.
I have these

[Image: 6F6923CE-716D-48EE-BA3A-9A35CA358BB6_zpsxgelayc3.jpg]
rmp I actually moved the jeter u wanted on the bay, thats where this mney came from. Trying to remove all the stuff I sold frm my org. now
offer sent lmk
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