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Title says it all... Not looking to trade down on this card unless the offer is to good to pass ... Thanks for the look

Here is the card:

[Image: image_zps0de5033c.jpg]
Dont have those 3 but give me a look please
nice card, glwt
Feel free to check me out. Oh wait, we got something happening. Lol.
Offer sent
Hey Richard feel free to check me for the trout. Though I don't think I'll have what u want.
Feel free to check me for it.
3 days of June in the books... It's only a mater of time and ill be on a plane heading home!!! 5 trades complete they will be mailed once I get home. Thanks everyone

Still looking for another Harper Auto
if you don't really like the trout auto, give me a look
Don't get me wrong I love the trout however there are other things I'd rather have. Ideally looking for a one to one swap. The easy thing to do if I'm really trying to get rid of it is throw it on the bay, but trying to give individuals on here an opportunity to own a trout auto without spending a ton of money getting one.
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