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Hello all. Well looking to see about trading my Rickey. Beauty of a card. 4 color patch auto. Topps museum. Pulled this at my lcs. Was nice enough to let me pick the box. Pm me for tv. Would possible consider selling. Looking for anything that catches my eye. Preferably a Trout auto. First in line if so. So without further delay, the card.
[Image: image_zps9c0e4d8d.jpg]
Sweet card joe, somebody give this guy a trout auto
Thanks man!! Had to change my drawers after I pulled this. Wait til u see the other out of 5 museum auto I got in a break!!
Sat/sun bump. Feel free to make offer.
That's a beautiful card joe.
(06-01-2014 08:53 AM)Pyus_13 Wrote: [ -> ]That's a beautiful card joe.

thanks man!! surprised no one is jumping on it. not in a rush. but if something strikes me that i like, then alright!! lol
Sent a pm your way
I'd love a shot but doubt I have anything you need
solid pull grats glwt/s
Love it - just don't have anything to trade for it and cash is tight.
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