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In time far ago, the little super collecter stumbled upon a personal collection gem. It was the finest of cards, a true must have, that would bring a smile to any collectors face and of course, the collector HAD TO HAVE IT. The card, a 2013 National Treasure letterman patch /8 of his PC guy Brian Hartline, WR from the Miami Dolphins. But this just Wasn't any patch, it was the first subset patch set featuring a name plate patch of Hartline in 5 long years. Hartline being composed of 8 unique letters, making every /8 a 1/1 in its own right.

The good hearted lil collector boy had to go through one thing to get this valued gem, ye ole swamp monster known as an eBay seller. This eBay seller thought that this gem was not only just a gem, but the gem of all gems. This gem must be just as great as gems from Brady, Manning, Luck, RG3, and so on. Hartline is considered thee best player ever in this neverland of priceless PC gems. The monster puts the BIN at $200 and started to court suiters for this gem. But only and I mean Only with the price tag to its discretion.

As many sellers on the bay, they want money. They don't want to hold onto cards, collect, and store, they want to get rid of these "cards" as others cherish as gems, but they play a game called "money hungry" first. The collector made very very very generous offers to this seller. The seller insisted Hartline commanded as much as Every Other Elite Athlete in the NFL. The collector had to endear months of torture as his beloved PC Card was not his. So the collector had to act strong and Wait for his gem.

The seller, like every other seller ever as stated above decides to put the card up to AUCTION. The collector jumps on the chance and YES! Wins the auction and gets his gem at not half, but over a THIRD of the price he originally offered to begin with. Happy is the collector, and good things come to collectors who are patient!! The collector thanks all other collectors for giving him the chance to win this card at the price he did! It's a great home!

Lol thanks if you read this. Wanted to do something a little different then, " here's my card, I got it, look at it, thanks" haha.

Go Dolphins
Where is the pic?
2 different times I saw a card on eBay I HAD to have so I straight up offered the person a price for it. The price was more than it'd normally go for but was happy paying the small premium to have the cards now.

Both times the offer was refused and both time I won the item for less than I offered. That's a good feeling.
Congrats. Good story. Sick card!

Great story telling skills, haha! Good job for waiting it out and getting it for a fraction of what you offered.
Nice! Good job on the wait...I've had to take the same approach, though I'm still waiting for mine to fall Tongue Seems a 3rd string rb's cards are worth the same as Adrian Peterson, and even some Manning and Rodgers autos...yeah, not happening! Glad you won the card!
Thanks everybody!
Hey, "true" one of ones only come along every so often, so you can't blame the guy for trying to cash in as much as possible.

You can, however, blame him for putting it up for auction with a lower reserve than his highest previous offer. Wink
Been there before and had similar outcome. I love when it works out this way, but patience is definitely tough when it is a card you really want. Congrats on snagging it for 1/5 the original asking price.
(05-30-2014 11:13 AM)butterworth1326 Wrote: [ -> ]The collector jumps on the chance and YES! Wins the auction and gets his gem at not half, but over a THIRD of the price he originally offered to begin with.

Score. And thanks for the tale!
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