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If anyone pulls them I will need them. I have very little left to trade but cash is king! mostly looking for low numbered and plates as base/insert/base auto are easy.

I will be heading to Pennsylvania for a few weeks soon. If anyone wants to work a deal and save up my list I will trade down on the Sano. I also have a few other RC autos. Prefer people I have a good trading history with.

Also need low numbered hellickson as always.

Autos. On card preferred

chris Davis topps asian edition redemption
scott van slyke licensed

No rush on these unless you have a cooper!
Bradley cooper alias season 1
deion sanders
I thought that i was the only Van Slyke collector on earth 15 years ago. And here you are - a much better one. Lol. Sorta like what it will probably be like when we first find aliens. Wow. There is other life. And youre far more advanced than us! Im starting up what I call my nostalgia project. To finish my Van slyke list. Ive been away for several years and now I see that #18 hasnt been spared from having an unclimbable mountain of impossible to even lay eyes on cards. 1 of 1s and other soul killing stuff. So Anyway...hello. Good to know that Slick still has other followers. And congrats on the AVS collection that i assume you have from a few posts of yours that I read. This old dead one probably wont even lead to you seeing this.

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