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If anyone is building 2014 Bowman sets and needs any cards, whether base, prospects or inserts (Top 100, silver ice, hometown, minis, colored paper, etc), lemme know. I've got a tonne of them and am happy to help folks finish sets.

Not looking to break things up by team to give away or anything, just looking to help set builders.

I am interested, should I PM my needs, I have quite a few, I am building the base set, prospects and chrome prospects.
I also do the set every year. I`m building the mini set and the base set and any Pirates I`ll pm you my needs as well-thanks
Yup, send me your needs and your mailing address and I'll get em out to you. Cheers.
I've got a blaster worth to add and then I might just take you up on some base ... some very, very strange holes in my sets.

The collation has been stranger this year than most other ... unless this is normal and my past experiences were the anomaly.
I'm building all of the sub-sets like I do every year. Or at least as close as I can possibly get. I already have all the base/base prospects/chrome prospects I need but I see you have a bunch of inserts I could use. I'll send you an open offer tonight and hopefully we can work something out.
My only needs are Albert Almora base/chrome/inserts of all varieties. lmk if you have anything to help out with, thanks
PM sent! Thanks a bunch for this!
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