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I have almost 20 cards that are so rare Beckett won't assign a value (1 of 1, under 10 etc). I am wanting to insure my collection. How do I assign a value? Any helpful suggestions? Do I go to my local card shop and ask them? I am a Miami Dolphin fan in Nebraska will that hurt value? Just wondering if any collectors would help me out.
I'd take a look at what the low numbered cards are selling for on other sites...maybe players of the same type, backup, starter, position, etc. And just how you value them and how important they are to you. Just my suggestions.
I have a lot of rare cards from players from the Miami Dolphins that may not be recognizable to the new collection. From when card companies first started putting out the "rare" cards. That's where I am stumped. I have a Jay Fiedler numbered to 5. I know who is but does anyone else?
I would take pictures of everything, but from I understand they basically take your word for it unless an item is over $5,000. Unless you have Mantle rookies or something like that it's not worth their time to hassle over a claim.
IMO value goes up exponentially depending on the player when it comes to rare cards. I've paid $300 for a Marino /10, but I wouldn't pay near that for a Steve Young from the same set. I collect them both on the registry, but the legend that Marino built means people tend to bury cards in their PCs and they're very, very hard to find and that makes them expensive.
Have you checked to see what the insurance company requires for insuring collectibles? My understanding was that they needed to have an independent 3rd party appraisal by a "professional" in the industry for stuff such as this. It's been a while since I looked into it though so that might not be true.
My first notion would be to go to 2 or 3 card shops and ask the owners for appraisals.

Let the card shops charge you a fee for the appraisal or better yet buy some wax from them.
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