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I have a Maikel Franco Purple Ice Box Topper Auto /25 FT. Looking ideally for a 1 to 1 trade. Let me know if interested! Thanks

[Image: MaikelFranco25_zps02fd20b2.jpg]
What tv on it? Feel free to check me too. Thanks.
To the top!
possibly interested even tho the auto is kind of weak... lmk thanks
Sorry, don't see anything in the same range.

Up again!
Bump! If you have a George Springer/Mark Appel/Josh Hamilton auto, I will go a bit in your favor....
Up for a Tuesday.
Any particular Hamilton auto you are looking for. I have quite a few in my pc
Just something I don't already have. I've got about 40 so far. I would prefer a 1 for 1 trade if you have any that fit the bill?
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