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Feel free to send some open offers. It's been quiet around here so I want to get some action going!

[Image: 2001HIT_0001_zpsb480d219.jpg]

[Image: 2001HIT_0002_zpsb279cd6b.jpg]

Clemens is gold #/d to 99
[Image: 2001HIT_0004_zps0320c9b1.jpg]

[Image: 2001HIT_0003_zps4d311dbf.jpg]

[Image: 2001HIT_0005_zps51e03355.jpg]

[Image: ebaybreaks_0011_zpsf144ba3b.jpg]
[Image: tradethread_0009_zps14010af8.jpg]
Open offer sent
Goldschmidt and Griffey autos are gone. Thanks Baseballkid1999!
like the goldschmidt and raines
Interested in the Johnny Franco and hubbie cards
Open offer sent.

Thank you,
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