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See below. Sent these in under regular service due to likely value of each card > $300.

Grades popped with 7 business days; got the cards within 11 business days after login.

Overall, I happy with the results. I used a high res scanner and jewelers loupe to review each card.

I was convinced they were all 10s. HOwever, a few 9s are not bad.

My favs are the Dual Lebron / MJ auto and the Old School MJ.

Also tossed the Lacy into the submission...I think it is a 10, but 9 is fine.

Sorry for the fuzzy scans. My scanner does not like items that are slightly raised. The new holders have raised edges.


[Image: CwQZwSA.jpg]

[Image: Tbr9UON.jpg]

[Image: WCWGl47.jpg]

[Image: KRhscbh.jpg]

[Image: go46Vq8.jpg]
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