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Got this a couple of years ago when I just started collecting cards from an Upper Deck box from Walmart. I have looked all over but haven't found anything similar. I was wondering what the value of this card would be? Link:

Is it just a card, or is it a card mounted inside a larger frame (of sorts) with the jersey piece inside that?

It looks like a 1998 Skybox Premium "D'Stroyers" card (#12D), but with additional material added. That would make putting a price on it very sketchy, unless it was part of an established set.
these are aftermarket productions, taking a regular card and inserting them into a cardboard frame with a "game used" piece. they were sold at kmart and toy r us and such

1. it wont appear in any checklist, since it isnt a real card (the card inside is real enugh, just not the whole creation)
2. sadly, the game used piece is most likely fake. the source for these game used pieces are questionable at best. thousands of these cards of many different players in all sports were created
these usually sell on ebay for 3 dollars or less, depending on player
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