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Here is the deal, I want to move some of my refractors, rookies, GU, #'d cards for autos. I will trade double to triple in your favor for certain autos. Now I dont want just any auto, nothing 10+ years that is sitting there and has no re-sale or re-trade value but looking to slim my inventory down and get some more trade/sale bait.

Send offers, lets see what we can do!~

Sending me an offer for an auto you want of mine, isnt going to work. I just want to trade rookies, refractors etc for autos. Asking me for an auto is not what this this thread is about.

Agian, will trade 2-3-4X in your favor for the right deal
Open offer sent.
offer sent
offer sent
Send me offers guys, havent made any deals yet.

The Roberto Clemente's arent really included in this, I will trade them but it wont be in your favor
Please check to see if I have any autos you are interested in trading for.

Send offers guys, looking to make some deals!
open offer sent
Still trying to make these type deals, gonna add more cards soon but really looking to make a deal here
Bumping this up, just made one deal. Anyone else wanna make a deal like this?
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