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Since the system is still not pulling wants on trades, I have decided to narrow my trading to 2014 Topps that I need. I have over 600 inserts (minis, patches, relics, manufactured relics , upper class, etc.) and over 2000 parallels (Gold, Green, Red Foil, Target Red, Walmart Blue and Yellows) to trade.

I am offering a 25% trade advantage if you have anything off the following list that I need as I am trying to finish my sets: In addition, any Yellows, Greens or Purples that are on my organize want list apply to the trade advantage. In order for the 25% advantage to apply, the cards will need to be alike in nature (parallels for parallels, patches for patches and mfr. relics for mfr. relics)

The list is as follows:
2014 Topps Red Foil


2014 Topps Gold


2014 Topps Target Red


2014 Topps Walmart Blue

2014 Topps 89 Minis - 14(Boggs),17(Glavine),19(Gehrig)

2014 Topps Before they were Great - 6,7,9,10,11,14,15,16,18,20,21,22,23,26,29

2014 Topps Comm Patch -

2014 Topps Rookie Comm Patch - (4) Killebrew,19(Mattingly),25(Smoltz)

2014 Topps Class Rings - 3(Jeter),6(Cobb),10(Berra),13(Ripken)
Offer sent.
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