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Hi All! I'm getting ready for the gypsy queens to break loose in the next couple of weeks and wanted to fill a void here. I though I had one but I do not. A 2011 Mike Trout rookie card. If anyone has one available for trade, shoot me an offer. I don't have much mid/high end stuff (not my speed) but I have a plethora of other stuff available. I can also open up my PC (check my org under robs PC folders) that I can mark for trade as well. I'm open to anything.

Also, still looking for the 2 Mets autos from the 2013 Archives in my sig and of course any older cards pre '79. Thanks!
Bump from march....yeah..march.. How about that? I feel like I missed out on this winner. What's worse? Not having a trout update rc or a Griffey jr rc from topps? Anyways, still looking for 1!
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