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hi. I need anyone's (everyone's) help giving me opinions if this Peyton manning printing plate that I bought is real or not. my thinking is it isn't real. you can see the "foil" highlights" on the printing plate. to my knowledge, they do not "print" the foil on the card. they "stamp" the foil onto the card. plus, if you look at the Neumann glove in the lower left hand corner, it looks different from the regular card. also, when you look closely at the "foil" highlights on the plate you can see the "glare" from the scanner. you can see the same "glare" on my card that I scanned my self. it "glares" in the same spots. the seller I purchased this from has had every card from this set on eBay for sale at one time or another and they all look the same. I have included pics of the plate and regular card for comparison. I have also included the link to the auction. check out his "completed" auctions and you will see how many of these he has for sale. I have asked him 3 separate times if he has any of the other "colors" of this plate and he hasn't replied. the "plate" looked legit in the pic on the auction but when I received it, its looks like a bad "printing" onto the plate. the back is blank with nothing stated it is a 1/1. please! any help or opinions are appreciated. I have contacted the seller with no reply. if everyone thinks (agrees) that this isn't real, I'm going to open a case. thanks for any "help"


[Image: _57_zpsfbf1b22d.jpg]
No. Printing plates do not have the foil on them.
that was the dead giveaway. even the "lines" in the horseshoe that the foil makes is on the plate. and you can see the glare on the "foil" on the plate from the scanner. I say fake for sure!

(03-18-2014 04:29 PM)Marinocollector Wrote: [ -> ]No. Printing plates do not have the foil on them.
If you don't want it. I will take it!
if I couldn't get my money back id probably give it to you. but he is refunding my money now. he will probably relist it so you'll have a chance. lol
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