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Many of us have read the post Coachlew10 (Bob) put up with the best piece he owns. He also had a contest asking who the first Packer to wear #4 was. I won and just got back from the post office and these were in there. The Gerhart is #/10, Ponder out of 99 and a Wright rc/au to boot!
I would have been super happy no matter what I received but this is absolutely generous beyond belief! Thank you so much! Truly a stand up member!
Just a brief side note. The correspondence we had, sharing a couple stories along with my awe in the cool piece of his Grandpa was just as cool (even better) as these cards. I didn't put it together that this was actually his Grandpa until a day later. All of this has been a real cool part of why I'm in this hobby. I hope those of you who have read his post got something like that too.
Thanks again Coachlew10! You're awesome!

[Image: Scan_Pic0002_zpsfe6f5f20.jpg]
Yep, I received a freebie brick weighing 1 pound from him a couple weeks ago! He's gold...
Very nice stuff! He's a great member no doubt!
Awesome stuff! WTG Coach!
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