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This is my current tradelist. I'm looking for Chipper Autos, Jeter Rookies, Musial Autos, and maybe some bigger HOF Game Used like DiMaggio, Mantle, Ruth, etc and pretty much anything that catches my eye. Dont be afraid to make some offers! Let me know. Thanks!!

[Image: CobyScan1.jpg]

[Image: Scan.jpg]

[Image: Scan1.jpg]

[Image: Scan2.jpg]

[Image: Scan3.jpg]

[Image: Scan4.jpg]

[Image: Scan51.jpg]
Please check me for the Heyward, Myers and or Freeman
check me for the machado
Photo and ounagi, checked and didn't see anything I could use. Thanks though
Check me for the Trout's and the Machado Topps Chrome or Museum
Offer sent webdog.
Check me for the Machado's if still available.
Bowers: Only thing I saw was the Chipper Score RC but I already have one. I tend to try and make the trade worth the shipping. Lol. Let me know if you get anything else and I'll package up all these base Machados. Smile
Just check me in general. Would be interested in Sheffield, Verlander, Heyward and/or Freeman. Thanks.
Like the machado tc refractor and machado auto and Helton /walker relic
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