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From potential alone, and having a few years of experience learning from manning and Brady, who would you choose?
Mallett. Haven't seen much of him since college but he was tough in the best conference in the NCAA. Couldn't believe the Bengals chose Dalton over him.
Osweiler...he's got the talent, and is learning from the greatest QB of all time, not to mention the classiest of our time. He'll be a good QB and face of the franchise someday.
Osweiler for sure. I feel he will have a better career than Mallett. NE is using mallett as traid bait right now, so who knows where he will go
Cant wait to see how Osweiler turns out, he'll be a good one.
We'll just have to see in the long run, the 2012 Qb class was so deep. Brock will make a name for himself once he gets it going in the league.
i liked mallet since he was at michigan, but since college, he hasnt progressed even a little (except personally: he isnt doing pot and coke any more, so yay). but he hasnt grown, hasnt learned

plus, manning will retire at least 1-2 seasons before brady will

The pats were ready to trade mallet this offseason if anyone offered them a 3rd round pick. it never came to fruition
Very similar guys. Both 6'7, 240. Similar college stats. It'll be interesting to see where they go. I haven't seen much of Brock, but being a Pats fan I've watched a couple of Mallett drives in the preseason. Nothing to write home about. Of course, even Tom Brady didn't look like Tom Brady with that piss poor receiving corps.
I would have taken Osweiler over Tannehill given their respective draft positions. I think Tannehill is going to be very good, but never a franchise guy. Osweiler has huge upside and learning from Manning certainly won't hurt that. Ireland getting whacked would tend to make me feel better about my choice... and getting back to the original question Osweiler >>> Mallett, no question.
ummmm Zac Dysert!
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