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Full Version: any high end traders?
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Looking for darvish, trout 2009 bowman chrome auto, harper, puig chrome auto

[Image: image_zps837d908f.jpg]
[Image: Scan_zpse3b2253c.jpeg]
[Image: Scan157_zps04b7f55e.jpeg]
[Image: Scan158_zpsc22999b7.jpeg]
[Image: Scan120_zps9fb15d2d.jpeg]
[Image: TRADEPUIGBLUEAUTO188_zpse03a223b.jpg]
[Image: F89204C4-F25A-4591-823A-CB732997DBD6_zpsaikvqfyo.jpg]
[Image: 3C8307DD-930B-4A85-B121-9331AF3311F1_zps9yku41pn.jpg]
Feel free to check me for the Jeter/Gwynn and Profar purple. Dont have much of Trout/Harper or Puig though. Not big into those guys.
I'd like that Goldschmidt auto, I just dont know if I'd be willing to give up what its worth.
Great stuff, wish I had some of your wants
Damn really like that Orange Goldschmidt, best I have of your players is a Harper Triple Threads auto.
Sick cards.
I like the jeter auto check me for it
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