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Full Version: Boom!!!
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#/50[Image: Machado4_zps64d1c4f2.jpg]
That's awesome. Super jealous. Great card!
Wow, love it!!! Man I sure wish I had something to offer for it. Congrats!!!
John Madden felt that 'boom'! Nice Machado there Sargie.
Wow!! Awesome man! I love that card!
"Boom!!!" - I concur; think your title says it all.
That is a beautiful card. Thanks for sharing.
Nice card bro. I have the red one to 25.
(03-12-2014 09:34 PM)snappyjoe75 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice card bro. I have the red one to 25.

@ Joe... Next on my hit list....... Like you.... Javier Baez..... Smile
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