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Would like to make a few deals. All these are FT, some harder to get than others but will move for the right deal. Looking for the following

Braves (new and old)
Falcons (new and old)
Vintage stars ad HOFers 1975 and earlier
Anybody 1950 and earlier
HOF RCs and Autos
Star QB & RB RCs and Autos
Nice red sox cards
3+ color patches of stars
Braves and Falcons bobbleheads
I dont know, whatever you feel like offering up, always willing to trade for nice trade bait as well. Heres what Im offering up...

[Image: 18D1BA02-1237-4572-8CDD-5C931F320DFD_zpsbkxwwuh2.png]

[Image: F7CCC50C-CEDB-475C-88A8-768B82C920FE_zps1zuhncc4.jpg]

[Image: D62214F0-7610-4871-B42E-9A09CA3BCC9B_zpsvljrttme.jpg]

[Image: 349969D7-77E4-4C76-BD4E-77E487AA3183_zpsepuimwkp.png]

[Image: 2F5C5B62-91AC-445E-9829-81B48AF829D8_zpstjysofrr.png]

[Image: 64EF0EDA-C5C8-43F2-B1BF-7D5014B62012_zpsgegwngxk.jpg]

[Image: BF9D9C29-CCD1-4789-A094-C8DEA43F39B2_zpsbnmzv1bb.jpg]

[Image: 0388A8F0-5E6C-4819-8C69-FD82D5936EEF_zpspd08pkyw.jpg]

[Image: 4F4BC76B-FC74-412C-9FD7-389DECCD5035_zpsw08xbmcx.jpg]
Offer sent
I really like that Napoli.
baseballkid - responded

telatt - ive probably got some decent pats and sox cards you be interested in. Ill get you a list together tonight. Feel free to check out my bucket in the meantime.
like the Zunino
man i miss that Ripken. and i like the Ryan as well. i believe that i have some of ur wants. feel free to check me. thanks
Ill check you out now. Hope youre still happy with our trade. I miss Matty Ice!
nice ripken and wong buddy
Here are the scans. I would prefer to hang onto the Letterman auto though if you could find more. I also have a Harry Douglass rc auto /25 listed.

[Image: Falcons_zps382c142d.jpg]
I like the letterman, thought it was a dual auto of Julio/Ryan though
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