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Just sat through a case break of Prime. What I was irked by was that three boxes repeated the same cards over and over to include the hits. The EXACT same hits appeared in the exact same order. Even the veteran auto, pierre-paul was mirrored. Three boxes in one case with the exact same insertion? Anyone else run into this garbage?

The case was sealed and nothing was rigged.
I've seen that a few times. Topps magic last year was terrible for it. ive had two successive blasters that had exactly the same cards in them including the autos.
Super lame. Poor collation is poor service in my opinion.
That sucks man...I've had that happen in a couple boxes, mostly topps
I have gotten a few packs of Panini Prizm that were identical including inserts. It sucks that you landed multiple boxes like that. Too bad the hits weren't big ones, as I doubt there would be any complaint if the hits were autos of some big name player.
it happens I do not believe we give these companies enough credit. We would not have this hobby if not for their hard work.
They would not be in business if not for our cash and love of this hobby. They are a business seeking to make profits, when they stumble we point it out otherwise what gives them incentive not to repeat the behavior?
Topps is still working on learning that most people end up buying more than one pack, box or case of their stuff.
Bought two blasters this month got almost the same exact cards verbatum
It's Topps. What do you expect? We've all seen it. They don't even have to try and make things interesting anymore: from using the some pictures in different sets (which is better than their football on the '60s where they'd use the same picture two years in a row) to no randomness. We need more competition in this hobby.
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