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Losing Soliai hurts though.

I love the Delmas signing as well.
wow they paid a kings random for Albert.
was there a choice?… immediate fix ! (if healthy) monroe re-signed with balt so who was left?
ransom. albert is an average tackle when healthy. He will help Miami but they overpaid.
That's what FA is all about...mostly overpaying lol. It'd be nice to see the Mia or Buf take over that division...I hate the Pats! And the Jets! Lol, so hopefully all those guys from last year, and the adds Mia make this year help them out.
As a Panthers fan I am really disappointed in what we have done or lack thereof . We are cutting Steve Smith, our only receiver. We let Mike Mitchell go to Pitt after it took us 5 years to get a decent safety. Our only wide receivers on the current roster are Marvin McNutt, Tavarres King and Keoloha Pilares.
Hickey absolutely killing it so far... Fireland... see ya, and wouldn't wanna be ya.
I think this years season is going to be exciting.
Lots of interesting moves and players on new teams, can't wait for the season to start already. As a Giants fan I still would like to have Justin tuck on the team, but I'm really surprised about the amount of signings we've had. I'm used to resigning 3 players and picking up a former Cowboy, so I'm pretty excited haha
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