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So ive been trying to do this set for awhile.. I finally got my missing puzzle piece(andre ellington) in today.. next step is going for a possible 60 card set 9.5/10 BGS.. I have 5 so far as you can see pictured. an awesome set to view in person.. enjoy!

[Image: 1926719_1406750859587355_725802866_n_zps0dcf761a.jpg]
That's a purdy set Smile congrats!
damn son you been busy
Very nice, congrats on finishing it.
Trade the Barkley to me, Frenchie!
That's sick!!
Wow that's an awesome set! Congrats on its completion! Good luck on the 9.5s. Hopefully they are all centered or you get a grader that doesn't have a stick up his bum!
WOW Very cool set Congrats!!!
He got that set done quick! I remember seeing when he decided to collect it.

Awesome job, John!
Man that is sweet!
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