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So i got a box of goodies last year from another member to give out as part of lots where 100% of the proceeds go to cancer research.

As i was going through the box today, i found these 4 hand signed autos. they looked fake at first, then i did a little research, thought they might be plausible, but just used the wrong pen

just want to know one way or another...if they are fake, ill destroy them, but if they are real, ill just include them in my charity lots

[Image: 2x8o.jpg]
They almost look stamped. Seems like the spacing and shaping of all the letters, numbers, etc. is identical. It is tough to constantly be that spot on with all of those aspects. Hard to tell because of where the signature is on the cards, the background picture is almost too busy to be able to tell.

One thing that really gives it away to me is the dot appearing in the same place above the hook of the "J" in "John". What is that doing there on all of them? Another is how there appear to be parts of some letters missing, especially in the R & W, like a stamp that didn't have even pressure or wasn't completely covered in ink.

Not seeing them close up in person makes it hard to tell the pen strokes, etc. but in my opinion they are likely stamped or traced using a lightbox/reflection technique that basically shines a pattern onto a surface for tracing using mirrors, etc. Just my two cents though. Definitely get a few opinions because those would be awful things to dump if they were real.
I would agree with alanch, they look too precisely the same to be real. If you notice, every squiggle and stroke are the same, down to even the hyphen between the bible verses. Even the spacing between the R for Reggie and the J for John are exactly spaced the same. Reggie was a great guy, and he did sign with the Bible verses, and I wouldn't put it past him to sign the same thing on a couple of cards, but nobody will have EXACTLY the same strokes and spacing on 4 separate signings, there should be subtle differences.
i agree they look too precise to each other
They are all a stamp.... out all 4 over each other and 3 lined up perfectly! the pacific "92" is skewed a little but still matches exactly if you move the layer over it! professional opinion? maybe not a fake but definately not a hand signed.

[Image: reggie_zps88ee00b4.jpg]
Now let me off this one up.

[Image: Oct7001.jpg]

I was real hesitant to buy it, but the dealer at the show (real old guy late 60s-mid 70s) swears that he got it IP in Philly. Took it to a card shop in Des Moines who has 2 verified White Autos and I couldn't tell the difference. His autos Different bible verses, but the name was the same.
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