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Its been a long time adding a new one and boom 2 pop up in less than a month. Im thankful!!!

Here are my other 1/1s if you feel like browsing.

Here are the new ones

First one is a 2006 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Upperclassmen Jersey Printing Plate Cyan Back #UCJT Jason Taylor 1/1

Funny thing is they have a total of 8 plates of JT in this product and this is the first one Ive ever seen. Some products I have 2/4. Just weird how that happens.

[Image: bdb30c5a-bfe9-4aaa-9c36-28e7d59bf996.jpg]

Second one is the 11th one of these I have. I still have no clue how many were actually made...UGH!!!

[Image: 3f143f3e-03d6-4094-bb0f-20fc632b7e38.jpg]
Great stuff man and I think 04 topps pristine has 12 colberts plates. Ive never seen any
Pretty sweet cards there.
Very nice!
Very nice ! … love the 1/1's Smile
Nice man!
Nice! Those SPx ones are crazy. Who knows how many there are.
Cool stuff!
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