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Full Version: Not Trading anymore!
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This whole system just takes up way too much of my time and doesn't work (for me) most of the time anyway. I will post some items for sale now and then but I won't be renewing my subscription. Not enough benefit for the cost...Mel
Sorry to hear that man, for me personally it works very well. It has it's glitches but it makes keeping up with my collection and trading very very easy. But I can understand others frustration with it.
That is unfortunate. The system works for me. Actually the biggest issue I have is all those inactive traders who still have cards marked "Trade Away" in their Orgs. As long as I do not lose any data, this system works really well for me as well.
Is good to see that the system works well for most of those using it. However, that has NO bearing on how the system works for me and others who have given up trying to use it...
Radar, looking at your profile, it appears I have an idea why its not working for you. Probably the same reason its not too convenient for me. You collection of vintage tends to include a lot of dupes as well as your normal collection. I figure this because all of your vintage is listed as Mint, which tends to be the default duplicate entry.
I like keeping track of the value of my cards, but don't want to enter all of the dupes (20,000-25,000 of them) in one at a time. So, if I see something to trade for, I just enter those in separately.

As far as not trading on here, I hope you still consider trading. You have quite a few vintage Basketball that I may need for my sets and I am assuming you may have football the same way.
I will PM you my website if you wish to work something up.
Mel... I am pretty frustrated as well... sometimes I log in to look at trade offers, and there is not a single card there for trade, and people are wanting to know...if we are "good" I am planning on setting all for sale, and none for trade, and ponder if it is worth to keep it as well. Besides, a lot of people have bailed from this board...where have they gone?
I agree, the Org has so many problems and it doesn;t seem like they will ever get it right. I recently put all my mini stuff back into it but if anything happens to my Org again, sayonara Beckett.
We'll certainly be sad to see you go Mel
Even without a subscription you can still trade up to 2000 cards in ORG for FREE!
(03-06-2014 11:27 AM)radarblip Wrote: [ -> ]Is good to see that the system works well for most of those using it. However, that has NO bearing on how the system works for me and others who have given up trying to use it...

I am in the process of updating my organize after taking almost two years away from the hobby. The organize has some glitches but one thing I do like now is how they give you the option to setup a card for trade when you add to organize where before I had to go in and add it later. Hope to see you back and trading later on.

Best to you, Sir
Seems like most have stopped trading. I don't blame them because this place is very frustrating at times. When I came back to the hobby in 2010 there were alot of traders who were active here but most seemed to have gone away. Whether it's the economy, the hobby itself, or this place and it's continued string of problems that drove them away I don't know. I do know it sucks that this place is turning into a ghost town though.
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