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Full Version: Parts of org hidden?
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I messed up and had two different "collections" for the same player, with different cards in each...Today when I moved the one collection to the other, the cards says they are still there, but I can't see them. Thoughts? Thanks!
I hate Org, I really do. It is not user friendly
I've had cards disappear when I do a "fill" for a column. Try logging out and closing your browser, then opening and logging back in...that usually works for me.
Take a look at the help forum, it's been an issue for about a week. I strongly suggest doing nothing until it's fixed. The cards are there but invisible... it looks like some javascript error because if you clear out the cache and cookies it will pop back up usually. I've received 2 emails saying "we fixed it" only to find out they haven't. It's pretty sad when a company as large as Beckett can't get a major issue fixed in a week.
LOL @ ORG. Well, at least its faster so you can hide your cards faster.
I like the org as it's kinda cool to see the worth of certain collections. I didn't realize others were having the same issue. I've tried logging in and out, resetting everything, nothing happened. I guess I'll just wait and see what happens...Thanks guys!
Checked again this afternoon, and the cards are now visible...
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