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2004 sweet spot auto on bat Barrel numbered to 38. Could be willing to part with it for right offer if anyone is interested.

collect 2013 gypsy queen, Nolan ryan, and Evan Gattis

Or PayPal if your interested but don't have any of the above.

Will post scan in next day for anyone who might be interested
A nice Pic of the card might add some nice stimulii.
Yeah, please post a pic of the Mattingly. I might have something really nice for you if I like the card.
Will work on pic for sure. Have it up soon
I'm definitely interested.
Sounds good guys. Working on scan. My kids are being maniacs today. Lol. I will have it up asap.


I will say there is some minor flecks on the bottom left edge of the print of the border. Auto and bat piece are Incredible

let me know if the link works. Trying to do it from my phone
(03-02-2014 08:11 PM)IronChef Wrote: [ -> ]

let me know if the link works. Trying to do it from my phone

Didn't work for me. Copy the IMG link and paste it on the message board. That should work.
That's exactly what i did. I know some other traders saw it
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